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Colorful Caribbean

Gallery 1 : Caribbean

On several cruises to the Caribbean, I captured some great shots in Dominican Republic, Bahamas,
and elsewhere.

Dominican Republic Beach and Boat

Ventura Beach Sunset
Who doesn't like a good sunset/rise picture?

Gallery 2: Sunset/Sunrise

Wherever I go, I try to get a good sunrise or
sunset picture. It's the best time of day to capture colors
and shadows in a way that can really stand out.

Gallery 3: Wildlife

Sunrise Horse Feeding at Ft Robinson, NE
Animals and plants are great subjects!

I have to admit, I take too long to take a photo, so having a docile or non-sentient
being to capture makes it A LOT easier to get the right image.

Learning the ropes and pushing the boundaries

Gallery 4: Arty Stuff and Studies

My first photography class was in high school and we had to create a series of "studies" which are simply examples of certain photography characteristics like texture and depth of field.

We the advent of digital photography, one can now go nuts with effects and looks. I've tried to keep my artsy attempts simple, hope you like them.


Out and about in the state I live in.

About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony, aka Tony, aka "Tonar" to my closest friends. The name of Tonar came about for reasons both elusive and irrelevant. It stuck, and now I'm using it for this website of my photos. Because in the end for me, Tonar means "Totaly Narly."

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Great Wall of China, 1995